Native American Art by Rhonda Williams

Rhonda Williams creates paintings and sculptures reflecting traditional Native American themes through her designs, and expresses them in contemporary forms using bright colors. She is the great-granddaughter of Ralph Dent, the last hereditary chief of the Otoe Missouria Tribe. Rhonda Williams is a native Oklahoman residing in her Edmond, OK home/studio, White Stallion Studio. Paintings shown are for sale; contact the artist at

Friday, March 10, 2006

Introducing Rhonda Williams, Native American Artist

I am a native Oklahoman residing in Edmond. My tribal affiliation is with the Otoe Missouria tribe located in Red Rock, OK. I am the Great-granddaughter of Ralph Dent, the last hereditary chief of the Otoe Missouria tribe. I was given my Great-grandmother-Madge Pettit Dent’s Indian name “Whoo-gra-do¢-a¢me”, meaning the four main support poles of the tipi (homemaker). I include a symbol of these four main poles as part of my signature on all of my work. I come from a long line of artists going as far back as my great-grandparents. They created works ranging from beadwork to paintings, and ribbon work, for which my Great-grandmother was noted and very well-known.

I work in different media, ranging from acrylics and clay to mixed media. My paintings capture a traditional theme through design while being expressed in contemporary forms using many bright colors. Each of my clay faces are sculpted by hand, giving them their own unique expression and personality. My art education background includes course work at Oscar Rose Jr. College, and I studied sculpture under the nationally-known sculptor Christy Myers. I have attended art exhibitions and festivals across the midwest. I enjoy creating art and art is a part of my life everyday. Painting allows me to be expressive with my style, while my clay faces demand meticulous attention to detail that I take great pride in.

I have absorbed all of the beautiful things that have surrounded my life and express them in my work. My creative inspirations range from the bright blue flowers of a morning glory vine quietly winding itself around my grandmother’s fence post, to the feelings and sights of vivid colors at a gathering of my people. The passion I put into my work is mine to keep forever. I hope to share a part of this with the viewer and pass on these feelings through my art.


  • At 11:18 AM, Blogger Ramona said…

    Rhonda, the work you create is beautiful in the colors and images you create. I'm proud to have your paintings in my collection!
    Ramona Tall Bear


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